Thanks for your encouragements and constructive critics!


A very good surprise indeed to encounter your booklet in the metro.

Well done, nicely presented… C.D.B.

I find it very courageous and it shows a lot of generosity to take the time to put all this into writing
and to share it in such manner. It’s very rare!

I find your statement righteous and pertinent. The writing neat and without shortcomings.
I wish you the best success in the diffusion of your socio-therapeutical project.
I won’t fail to promote your work…


Thanks for this text of sharing, concise and direct. L.L.


It’s simply outstanding of pertinence.

What you express is limpid and entirely coherent. T.D.C.


You go right to the point of the info and that’s great! Clear and sound! C.H.


It’s marvellous and so well resumed. Thanks a thousand times.

I won’t stop following you and promoting. J.L.


The daily observation of the actuality, of man, and of our society, undeniably show,
the need for a total requestioning. Thanks for your initiative.


I’m like you, I wish to understand the world in which we live,
why it doesn’t work and what we can do, to make it work.


Hello dear Great Brother always in my Heart,

Congratulations for your perseverance and realisations. D.D.


We change the world at every moment. In thinking. In action. By loving It. By loving each other.
Listen, would you make us the favour to come over to Liège to share those ideas with our friends?
Doro (via Facebook)