Disoriented? Frustrated?
All of us are, Let's stop lying to ourselves…

Fed up of having to masturbate,

Fed up of torturing your mind…?


When shall we?

It’s not too late, but it’s high time if we do not want to enter in the abyss of our time!

Stop the haemorrhage of our collective suicide !


Stop pointing fingers at anybody else, as being responsible for our societal ill-feeling, but us…

Because we are the society and without us, it wouldn’t exist … If the society is what it is … it's thanks to us...

Today’s debate is no longer to talk about all the things that go wrong, but about the establishment of a society where: Everything could go right!


Many people nowadays think like Gandhi: Be the change you want to see in the world'.




Now trying to access personal perfection is almost impossible… Since anyway everybody will tell you that nobody is perfect, in other words that perfection is unattainable for anybody.


Oh really? And why is that so?

What prevents us from reaching virtue?

A befriended psychotherapist, converted to socio-therapist after 25 years of practice. Because he realized that for individuals to be healed, the society has to be healed first!


« Society is the union of people, not the people » (Montesquieu)


Union of people…

Hence what is it that disunites us then?

You will not be the only one wanting to primarily put the blame on our religions, politics, world governance or the monetary system …

Asking ourselves the real questions…


Aren't these institutions that govern us, a reflection of who we are and our life customs?

Personally I do not know … one single united family… Observation made on all the continents … screams and wretchedness in every household … And though some families seem to be united, their union is often ephemeral or limited to a few close family cells.

Besides, we’ll make sure to delimit our territory with fences and lock our doors safely…out of fear for the nasty neighbour…


But why so? What could be the cause of our ill-being?

One of the first books that opened my mind on the subject at the age of 17: ‘The Jewish guide to adultery’ written by an American rabbi … points out that most of the crimes committed in the US have a direct link with sexuality. For me, though still a teenager, no wonder…

Society is dictated by our customs of life, just like a stomach by its appetite …


What are our customs of life?


A patriarchal, monogamous society, sexually frustrated … 

In which millions of children find themselves single-parented or orphans… millions die of the indifference of their fellows… and millions of others are transformed into cosmetics even before being born…

In the name of a consumer’s love … that is consuming us all:

Possessive: you are my kid…as long as you think the way I do… because I told you…period!

Individualistic: you are my wife of mine… for as long as I have nothing else to bring under my teeth…

Selfish: I'll dump you like trash … as soon as I find better…

Because that’s how monogamy works…

A society where everyone lives, not out of unconditional love for humankind, but out of self-centred love.

Not to mention all the left-behinds:

- Teenagers forced to chastity, whilst in their most active sexual period...

- The already too old to fornicate…

- Single parents

- Handicapped and disabled people

- Widows and widowers

- All the singles that we are, were or are going to (re)become one day or another…

- As well as all of whom in coupledom, suffer from a certain lack or monotony…: because one of the partners doesn't feel like it … or has a headache… or on a business trip… or just decided to sulk…

And then we’ll wonder why so much perversion and sexual depravation …


Let’s face it, if we take another look at it:

Why should I love Kyoko more than Fatima or more than Gertrude?

Pedro more than Piet, Peter or Pierre …?

Why should I love my kids more than those of others?

Because my blood, my sperm, is better than my next of kin?

Let us imagine for a moment …

A society very different to ours…

Many utopias of yesterday have become the realities of today.

In point of fact, we are prisoners of a monetary system that engenders war and famine…

If not done yet, to have in 120 minutes a thorough understanding and global vision of everything that’s going on in the world: « Zeitgeist Addendum » by Peter Joseph, a not to be missed documentary.


Yet the solutions already exist!

Take a look at the ‘Venus Project’ by Jean-Jacques Fresco who shows that thanks to all the new technologies and renewable energies, we could as from today, if we really wanted to, make the world a much better place…

As well as the documentary by Coline Serreau: ‘Think Global Act Rural


How to come out of monetary slavery?

Practically all activists who have worked it over, have come to the same conclusion: Boycott!

One of the simplest and most pacific ways we have thought of:

Gathering D-day, GMT time for instance, on every continent, in every country, city, village, and neighbourhood; in a park, private property, public place, stadium…

Besides mouth to ear, with internet we could easily warn all our fellow citizens.


A humanitarian gathering what for?

The idea is, that everybody would gather at a given place in his neighbourhood, H-hour, D-day with a log of wood or a bunch of branches to feed a fire of joy round which, just as the boy scouts do, we would dance and sing, the fall of this monetary system that paralyses us in a societal system ruled by possessive, selfish and individualistic love.

In those millions of fires lit simultaneously everywhere in the World (imagine the picture of our Earth taken from the sky…) we would burn: passport, id-card, driving license, unpaid bills, paper money, marriage book…etc.


And we would restart a world, freed from the monetary harness that deprives us of progressing, freed from the politics that betray us and freed from all the public and private predators that destroy the ‘Living’.


Most people see the world as it is and ask why. Why not see the world as it can be and work together to make it happen?


The number makes the difference!




The best example of a possible ‘boycott’ has been demonstrated to me many times over on the rail.

To make it worth visiting my father, who lives in a hamlet lost somewhere in deep Wallonia, I take the first train Sunday morning round 6am. This train is always packed… Of all the southerners having partied the whole night of Saturday and going back home.

As usual 2 controllers on the train, but who stay safely in the cabin of the conductor…

By reason of… All these youngsters have beer cans and bottles in their hands, huge marijuana joints in their mouths and their feet on the benches. What should these disarmed controllers do?

Mobilise this train and get police to sort this out every Sunday morning? They’d rather let it be…

This just shows that the number can make the difference!


To quit the monetary system is primordial but is not enough!

To be totally free, man and woman need to also quit the concept of marriage instituted by our anti-love religions and thus anti-God… (If you are religious, don’t take me wrong, I consider myself a greater believer than most religious people), let me explain:

The best definition I have found of God, curiously in Hebrew:


Aïn Soph Aur = Never-Ending Creating Light.


Albert Einstein would’ve said:

Light exists, darkness does not’ Darkness only exists in the absence of light’.



When letting light pass through a crystal prism, we can distinguish all the colours of the rainbow and in this manner measure them, besides we calculate in years of light. But it’s impossible to measure darkness.


Darkness only exists in the absence of light’.

As a matter of fact, if we are in a complete dark room, with not the slightest gleam of light getting through. Lighting one single fire match in that complete darkness, we are already able to identify all the objects in the room. Because darkness disappears in the presence of the slightest gleam.

And in the same way Einstein would’ve said:


Life exists, death does not’.

Death only exists in the absence of Love’


If tomorrow all human beings are able to hold each other’s hands: without politics, religions, borders and live in harmony of peace and love: that day, we will recover immortality, for:

Death only exists in the absence of Love’



Love cannot be possessive, it has to be distributive.

We can only access virtue, truth, through unattached and uncommitted love.

The king of the animal kingdom is not the lion but indeed the human.

The human has, by ways of his thinking, attitude, life customs, an influence not only on the animal kingdom, but also vegetal, mineral and even astral…

Finish all the catastrophes, the cataclysms, the climate distortions, the illnesses, the diseases…our animosity and even our mortality?

Too good or too easy to be true?


Would we thus be the author of our death?

Which would explain why we are so scared of it?


Would we be responsible for the Living to have become deathly?

Only due to lack of love?


Never Ending Creating Light… Let’s analyse…

Only just our solar system is already uncountable: myriads of planets and stars… Now do we know, how many solar systems exist?

It’s most probably, simply… infinite, at least in the becoming, for the creation seems to be in perpetual expansion and metamorphosis.

No need to go much far to have an understanding of this…

Our own body is at the image of everything that exists in the Universe. We know today that each of the trillion cells we are composed of, is a living of its own, for each has its own lifecycle and nutritional needs. So much so, that today we talk of cellular nutrition. And these cells (temporarily mortal…?) have absolutely no reason to impair or die.


Blasphemous and anti-God religions



On one hand they pretend that God is Great, Perfect, Eternal, that He (why not She?) has created everything to perfection … etc. Bla bla bla… More than fully agreed!

But on the other hand they allow themselves to pretend that this same God… punishes, casts, creates viruses and diseases and even sends us to hell…

In declaring that God has said this or that… we limit God to a human being still very backdated and mortal…

No point waiting for the venue of a so-called messiah, prophet or 3rd World War to make arrangements on our behalf…

We are to be blamed for the imperfections of our World, certainly not the Creation of life.

Would God be a thief?Would he give us life, to take it back afterwards?

Impossible… Absurd… Incoherent… Contradictory…

Light creates life, not death!

All the people having gone through the experience of (clinical) death, NDE, Near Death Experience, and having come back to life have all been plunged into a light of an unimaginable beauty.

Numerous books and researches bring forward the same testimonials.

Would it be that: Never Ending Creating Light, plausible definition of God?


Human, navel of the Universe?




A greater number of the scientific community today believe:

We would be the equivalent of the neurones composing the global brain of the planet…!


A priori, neither the Earth, nor mankind are in the centre of this immense Universe. Nevertheless: everything seems to have been « adjusted » as if the entire cosmos, from atom to star, had exactly the required properties for mankind to make its appearance.’

The more I scrutinize the Universe and study the details of its architecture, the more facts I gather showing that the Universe knew exactly we were going to make our appearance.’ (Freeman Dyson)


For God’s sake! … But mainly for our own sake, the future of our humankind and the survival of our planet Earth:

We ought to transform our society into a Matriarchal Polyamory Convivial Society which has already proven to be the ideal solution for our humankind.


The Moso folk: pioneers or survivors of polyamory?

Chinese folk repressed and practically eradicated during the communist period. A few thousands of survivors, whereas they would have been millions…

Was it that the ‘Moso’ were a possible threat for our occidental way of life?

To resume and simplify in a few words their life customs:

A matriarchal society that indulges a quasi-total sexual freedom, except for consanguine relationships.

Though, they do not even impose themselves any abstentions and that they do not take recourse to any type of contraception, nor abortion, the Moso folk have the lowest birth-rate in the world. Strange no, don’t you think?


Would Mother Nature have created everything perfect anyhow?

From the time all humans mix up continuously, a harmonious birth-rate would bring about itself…

When I go back to my grandmother who would tell me that in her time, women would abort with knitting needles …

And guess what? Crime rate in the ‘Moso’: 0%

In their society, not one soul left behind, not one orphan, children are the children of everybody. In their language the word father does not even exist…


Can I love everybody?

Why can’t I? What is it that differentiates me as such that I can’t get along with my kin and even more cherish him/her.

Not our numerous differences, but our numerous divergences…in terms of culture, religion, upbringing, social status, rank…etc.

If tomorrow… we are all on the same wavelength, breastfed by different mothers and cherished by all men, for we could be the progeny of any genitor, what could still impede us from loving everybody?


Chinese model to copy?

What if it were sufficient to just listen to one’s heart and to let oneself guided by the sexual attraction of the moment, just the way it happens in the animal kingdom of which we are the king / queen?

That’s maybe where our problem lies? We want to rule our life, instead of letting us ruled by it.

That such a ‘mélange’ of races occurs, we will all become as beautiful Métis as one another. The appeasement of our hearts will make us kind and caring, the entire nature will revel of joy of life and love.

We will no longer fear one another, nor any animal.

Our intelligence will be greatly enhanced, for one can only see rightly with the eyes of the heart…

Development of all our senses, including those we are not even yet aware of, which we will be able to access once we live in harmony of peace.

Our intuition will no longer betray us.

We will access to all the knowledge, all the powers of healing, fortune-telling, telepathy…etc. And climates would acclimatize to us…

In short, Paradise on Earth, is within our reach!




Transition of our monogamous society to a polyamory society.

Imperatively, all religions and politics of enslavement of the human being will have to disappear first. Subsequently we will have to come out of this monetary system that in a society of sharing will quickly become obsolete anyway. A complete remodelling of our urban and rural architecture will be required. All doors will remain open, fences and frontiers will disappear.

Our religious edifices, military caserns, police offices, administrative buildings would be rehabilitated.


Where to start?

A fortiori, by one’s self.

« For things to get better, We have to get better first »

« For things to change, We need to change first »

Hence why it is very important to regularly call oneself into question.

For we cannot love another before we love ourselves.




Some guidelines of conduct

Try to find out what your entourage thinks of you, how they see you.

Be aware of the reasons why you have developed those drawbacks and to which events of your early childhood they are linked to, in order to better apprehend them.

Don’t allow yourself any negligence. Give the best of yourself in anything you do, even to do a washing-up.

Be always loveable and loving in any circumstances…

Become the most ethical possible in all aspects.

Let food be your remedy.

Boycott everything that harms the ‘Living’ and our personal enhancement.

Work on a forthcoming better world for everybody.


We are meant to become Co-Creators!

Thinking is creative, And I am the thinker’

Our planet, just like our body at birth, is composed mainly out of water = 90%.

Each drop of water crystallised individually is unique and does not look alike any other drop, whereas they all turn into crystals of 6 branches.

Nevertheless we know today, that only thanks to the mind, we can act positively or negatively on the crystallisation of a drop of water, even to the point of transforming it.





Imagine our potential… if we can influence and metamorphose 90% of everything that exists on our planet « WATER », starting with ourselves!

Nothing is stronger than an idea of which the time has come’ Victor Hugo


The aim of this text

Share its ideas with as many people as possible.
Reason why I have chosen for a concise text with an easy and affordable format to duplicate. (1 sole A3 recto-verso)

Though I have taken the biggest care in delivering this message, don’t hesitate to forward me your comments.

I don’t promise to answer every mail, but I'm already planning meetings to which all the people that write to me will be invited.



Reproduction unrestricted


Translations encouraged


Massive broadcasting desired!

Ruben Rémi :




Let’s fill our hearts


With the creative fire of love


And we will metamorphose


Into beings of light


Let’s have the spirit to understand


And love what’s good


And we will facelift


Our planet « WATER »


First print: December 2013.


« For the ephemeral time we’ve got left to live…


Shouldn’t we be concerned about the future of our humanity? »