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Thank for sending your donation by way of wire transfer: to the following bank account number:

Communication: « Support howworldcan.be »

Bank: ing direct

IBAN Number: IBAN BE 17 3770 5205 8321


Word of a humanoid of integrity , (…if only everybody…would, and everybody can have).

Each penny received, will be accounted for and exclusively spent on the numerous causes that host: www.howworldcan.be

Non-exhaustive list of the allocations:


  • Webhosting with Combell Webmail
  • Webmaster, doing the updates
  • Translations into other languages, your help is most welcome!
  • Organisation of meetings, debates, conferences
  • Distribution campaigns of flyers and posters
  • Your suggestions are the most welcome!

Since the creation of this site in 2013, up to day:

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My true blue-pencilled Pro-file:http://welovewords.com/documents/my-true-blue-pencilled-pro-file

Has my condemnation got anything to do with the H1N1 activism I lead?