Our evolving divinity

or Aïn Soph Aur in the making?

Would we be gods / goddesses in embryo to become God / Goddess?

« I am, whom is becoming… »

Or anything else?

My (our) truth of today, may not be that of tomorrow...!

If The Creation of Everything is Perfect ...,

Why do we allow ourselves to be imperfect?


"The brain is a quantum system that resonates with the rest of the universe" Laszlo


Who among the wisest of us, can claim, that God has written or said this or that…?

Today, yesterday, the last century, 2,000 years ago ..., or much earlier...?

Would it not be a way to reduce the Perfect Creation (God), down to the still inhumane, in-divine, and mortal being that we are, still ... for such a long time ....?

For how long more?

Process of our evolution that we would have the power to accelerate ..., or to immortalize...?

To pretend that God, "He" (why not "She"?) punishes, chastises, etc., would that not fall under blasphemy?

"Who accuses, accuses oneself ..."

Or would it be, that some creations of this God are ill?

But why would this God (Goddess ...), "He" ("She") wish to undergo the experience?

Allow me to replace this indefinable, indecipherable…, God (Goddess ...), by the Hebrew term (well chosen, I find ...): Aïn Soph Aur = Never-Ending Creating Light. The only one credible definition of the concept of physical and material creation ..., which no doubt ... is infinite ..., and in perpetual expansion...

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Why such a process of life evolution?

Why should we have to know imperfection, in order to know perfection?

Death, in order to know life...

Why this duality, all over and in everything?



Do you really think we need to know hate, in order to know Love?

What would it take, to make this duality end, to make us unite once and for all, to accomplish the fulfillment of Ain Soph Aur?

To gain the immortality of all creatures, of whom we would be the brainstormers, conductors, and front-runners?

The simple fact of asking us these different questions, would we not be that very same Ain Soph Aur, Never Ending Creating Light, in the process of becoming, looking for a better future ...,

In prospection of a better plan?

Our evolving divinity, or Aïn Soph Aur in the making?


If we are to give up our imperfections, suffering and death will no longer exist?

Ain Soph Aur that all of us and all creatures with or without feet would be …, Would « He »/ « She », not yet be accomplished, still incomplete, not yet perfect, still in becoming / experimentation?

We, each one of us, are a conglomerate of trillions of cells (which we call body). Each cell having its own life cycle, nutritional needs ... etc. Body to which we give several names, and sometimes even pseudonyms....

Should we also name each of our trillions of cells...?

Until how far, do we want to privatize, domesticate, take ownership of the Living?

Identifying, cataloguing, banding, chipping, nano-chipping ... every plant, animal… in the process of extinction...

How many human races, entire peoples, have by our past (probably very short compared to eternity ...) been exterminated...?

In the name of our differences? And indifferences .... ?

("The day we no longer carry names, there might be no more wars ...").


Our bodies thus comprise trillions of unique and independent lives, trillions of different beings,

each cell comprising its own intelligence,

all under one same roof: ME.

Am I so much different to You?

Our Universe is a conglomerate of billions of human beings, and trillions of other countless creatures: animal, vegetal, mineral, astral, and God knows, how many others, and countless other solar systems…

Infinite creation in its whole incomplete...?

That we call God / Goddess - Ain Soph Aur?



In the same way that a single infected cell in our body can affect all the other trillions of cells, of which I am, we are composed of...

We, due to our non-conformity, to live in bio mimicry with nature, in harmony of peace and love with all human beings, and all that breathes ..., of all that lives, would we not be alike infected cells, affecting Aïn Soph Aur, and all of its Creation?


Would we be responsible for the Living to have become deathly?

Many speak today of the butterfly effect, of the immeasurable impact that one sole of our words, one sole of our actions, can have on our surrounding nature ... and even sidereal ...

Not to mention all of our psychosomatic diseases ...



What are we waiting for to change?

What are we waiting for to become immortal?

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Contributing to collective intelligence ... Only unconditional love can nourish it, make it grow, divinize it...!


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The insatiable thirst for everything which lies beyond, and which life reveals, is the most living proof of our immortality. Charles Baudelaire

If something comes to life in others because of you, then you have made an approach to immortality.

Norman Cousins

The union of the Word and the Mind produces that mystery which is called Life...

Learn deeply of the Mind and its mystery, for therein lies the secret of immortality.

Joseph Addison

Probably I chose immortality because mortality is a universal human obsession.

Joan D. Vinge

Love wishes to perpetuate itself. Love wishes for immortality.

Mortimer Adler



L'homme moins mauvais

Ça ferait de nous des êtres rares

Et comme immortels…


On serait des artistes immenses

Des divinités…



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